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Hello community. I am trying to create a workbook on the app that would allow user to input US phone numbers to call later. How can I do that? Thank you!

take a step back…

Click the circle at the bottom right of the canvas: Help Center - nearly everything there is gold.

This is where you can learn the Adalo basics… especially, Getting started & Video tutorials
They are a must learn for doing anything with Adalo

hint: Your phone number question has to do with basically 2 parts: the database & a form

Alternatively, look up Adalo basics or Adalo for beginners on Youtube

Thank you, @Toddy. I am able to make the app to call numbers that I designated in the database. I am having a little trouble finding ways for user to input phone numbers of their choice and save to call later. For example, say this is a recipe app, user can input their aunt’s phone number to call later to ask aunt how to cook a chicken.

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Ah, I see what you are saying.
It doesn’t sound terribly difficult.

I am on the newbie side of things & have not done that before.
Inputting info, updating / saving it to the data base, & displaying it is easy.
I’m sure I could figure it out by playing around… But, at this point, not well enough to explain it succinctly.

Hopefully you will get help / find the answer. Think about how Adalo “thinks”… I bet you could figure it out.

If you really get desperate, you may be able to use the copy/paste component.
Good luck!

Isn’t there a component in the marketplace for this? I think it’s called input or something like that

here it is:



Thank you!

Awesome! Thank you!

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