How to make my app work

I want to make a trail app that tracks you on trails using geolocation and such. And I want it to be able to find trails near you or input the trail addresses manually.

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I’m an Adalo novice. So, my answer won’t suffice. Hopefully, it will help a bit.

Answering the question, HOW TO MAKE MY APP WORK
is too vague & would require someone to write you a small book. And even then, it wouldn’t be correct because your spec lacks detail, and you are expecting it for free?? Before you get angry,… most of us have been there…

Adalo is early in development with geolocation. I have not experimented with it. Likely, it will be limited. I don’t know. Maybe it kicks ass. Perhaps you can make a simple version. Keep expectations low.

I suggest learning about using maps and probably APIs with Adalo. What you’re describing sounds heavy in the map department & dependent on data outside of Adalo.

If you are making something SIMPLE for yourself, great. It shouldn’t take long.

If you are expecting a buttery smooth experience like Über, I suggest using code / hiring someone. And keep working with, and checking-in with Adalo… as it should get better and better over time.

Yes, Adalo may be able to do exactly what you want; I am not sure. But, you will need to research, learn, and build yourself. Ask specific questions here, only after you have searched & tried yourself.

… Alternatively, you can hire an Adalo expert to build your app for you. They can probably point out limitations, once they have your detailed spec.

If you are trying to validate a business idea, focus on validating the value/info you are providing. Not the app. Get feedback from users. Otherwise you will waste hours or years building the wrong thing.

If I were you, and I was going to make this app, I would literally take photos of real (not google) trail maps. Maybe just screenshots. Then, link them together in Adalo. This is extremely simple and organizes trail maps in one place. But, with a little more effort, you should be able to get a little geolocation functionality.

If you have basic, specific questions. hit me up. good luck!

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