How to make sure random X is different than random Y

Hey guys!

I have 2 lists, each displaying one item that is chosen randomly (from the same database) through a text field with RAND function.

How can I make sure that each list will display a different item?

Since it’s a “competition”, I want to make sure that X ≠ Y.


Is there anything I can do about it? :nerd_face:

Use an action to refresh the page if randXtextfield = randYtextfield.

It can navigate to a blank screen and then back here, with no transition, so it looks clean.


You, sir, are a true genius.
Thank you so much - my mind is blown and it works perfectly.

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Hi all,

@theadaloguy you’re fast :grin: let me add something as well :slight_smile:

@TomBlue this thread could be useful for you: Compare randomly chosen items from same collection
I can’t say this solution is perfect, but it should work for large DB size (so there is a rare case of numbers which require re-generation).

I’ve decided to find something more elegant and came up with another solution using Random Picker component: Adalo hints: how to show two *different* random items from one collection, at one time. - YouTube

Just keeping it here for future users :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.


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