One random pick in a list

Hello i’ve got a list of objects that’s choose into this list by few custom filters ( and and and)… so each screen load this list checks all conditions and receive for example 5 entries that is shown in this list from whole database of objects.

Now i want to show only one object from these 5 entries and it has to be determined randomly.

Is there a way to do it?
Right now i can show “Maximum number of items” - 1 but it’s always will be as Sorting from oldest to newest by date… but i want to show only 1 random item among these 5 that was choosen from whole database.

Is there a way to do it?

You can use the “Random Picker” from the component marketplace to pick a random item from a collection.

The button behaves similar to a list in terms of how you can pre-filter the results.

I’m not totally sure I understand your use case, but I’ve used this component to create random friend suggestions on an app.

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