How to make the interstitioal Admob unit to pop on screen?

I have added the AdMob component in my app and setup the Android App ID and Android Ad Unit ID. Not using iOS. I have placed on the Admob component like shown in a video by Adalo.

However, when I enter the screen where the interstitial ad is placed, the ad does not pop up and doesn’t take the full screen as in the video, or as it should.

So it just sits there under the main content of the screen. Lazy…?! :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?

Ok. Seems like a self talk as no one replied! But finally interstitial ad worked at my end.

Special thanks to Adalo support for guiding about it. So here are the steps for anyone’s reference who might be having issues with interstitial ads.

  1. Put the AdMob component on the screen where you want to show the interstitial ad
  2. Add your app id and Google’s Test Ad ID (as actual ad will not work until the app is published live)
  3. Install the APK on a real device (the test ad will not show up in the editor or preview)
  4. Open app on your mobile and visit the screen where you put the ad, you should see the ad. :slight_smile:

Great job! Sometimes topics get lost at the bottom of the list, so that’s whey other makers or community leaders don’t answer. :slight_smile:

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