How to make website fitting on all devices?

How to make website/app fitting on all devices?

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Please consider performing a search on the forum first before submitting a new topic as your question may already have been answered.

In this case, it has been asked many times and the answer is that Adalo is currently not fully responsive so it is better, at the moment, to design for mobile only.

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Is there any bypass to help with that?!

I usually start with building the mobile/pwa version. Then create a second app that shares the same database, but this time using the webview. You can copy and paste the elements you have into the web app, you will need to relink things etc, and then start adjusting the layout for the larger screen as you like.

Hi @TonyD,
That a really good suggestion, like inception :smiley: . I usually do same with pwa and app separated but build all from ground up. But I gotta ask, how is performance, responsivness and login with webview? Thanks.

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Hello can you teach me how?

Hi guys, the web app I have is not used much, but it seems to be ok performance wise. It would still have the same issues speed wise that Adalo is working on (and making progress on it seems from my use), ie loading big lists etc.

Bountiful, I don’t have anything about how… but I would just do a simple app, use one of the basic tutorials Adalo offers maybe… build it in mobile first and then just start doing the same in a web app.

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