Zoom in / out - navigate through the app screens

Hi, Adalo Community.

I am new to Adalo and I am not getting how to zoom the screens out or in.

For a few weeks I have used my MacBook Air and I could zoom it like it is here: Screen Zoom on Mac or here Zoom In/Out in main interface.

But now I am using my Mac Mini and the mouse and keyboard are common, not for Mac.

And I get only the zoom of the webpage using CMD + or - and it does not help me: I am not able to see some screens that are not directly in the middle of the screen or navigate somehow through the app screens.

Does anybody may have an advise for this?

Thank you for your support!

I have installed the app related to this website https://www.remotemouse.net/ and I have “native” Apple pad so I can zoom, drag and navigate perfect.

Thank you anyway!

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You can hold down space bar to move around the canvas when zoomed in. Zooming in can also be done by holding down ctrl (cmd on mac) and using the scroll wheel.

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Thank you for your answer.
The info with the space bar it is great :partying_face: , but in my case the cmd + scroll wheel it is not functional.
Anyway, now I have it full functional combining the previous info and your details.

Thank you!

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