How to open the native camera app to take a picture?

Hi all,

I would like users to take a photo from within the app, and store this photo in a collection.
Desired flow would be: users clicks “open camera” button > device camera opens > user takes photo > photo is stored in collection.

I saw that “native device actions - access users camera” was a feature in Adalo, but I can’t find it in the editor.

Is the above possible, and if yes, where to find the camera component?



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You just need to add component> form > select your collection where you store the image and you can see the image upload component. That will do what you want.

Thanks for your reply.

Just to clarify: I was under the impression that this open the image gallery on an users phone instead of the camera/ photo taking app?

Similar for starting Google lens?

@Bart Both- it asks the user if they want to take a picture or use one from their gallery

@speakupboy Perfect, thanks!

How can I do the same with a mic?

There’s an audio player in the marketplace, but nothing for recording microphones on the phone yet that I can see. You can add a feature request for it.

Do you think I can create it myself?

If you are familiar with react and react native, then yes!