Can you open the native camera app to take a picture?

Hello everyone. Has this issue been resolved?

Can we now just open the native camera in the app and make a user take a picture in Adalo? I know the discussion I’m referencing above says you can use a component where it opens a form where you can choose between opening the gallery or the camera. I don’t want to give the user that choice. I just want them to only be able to open the front camera to take a picture to verify their identity.

I saw that @Colin posted something about React Native. Does anyone know if there is an API out there that we can use to integrate with an Adalo app to make this work? If no API exists, is it possible to use React Native or some other programming language to code that feature into my app and integrate with Adalo?

Please advise! I need this feature.


Hey there @LaoEntrepreneur

The image picker component (or an image picker within a form) pops up with the 2 options to “take photo” or “choose from library” only.

There is currently no way to force open the camera only.

Is there a get around? Like can you code that feature and integrate it to Adalo?

Unfortunately, I’m not a component developer.

You may want to reach out to a few of the component developers to see if this is even possible.

@TORCH You’re a component builder. Any ideas?

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