How to open the camera

Hello! I’m trying to build an app that allows users to take photos of things. I know there is a Choose Photo form field, but that doesn’t work for my use case. I want to allow users to take photos and only store them in my app’s storage. Is this possible with Adalo? Thank you!

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Hi @seantconrad,

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It’s possible to take photos from camera / gallery using the standard phone interface, but unfortunately there is no component with “built-in camera”.

Though I guess in theory it might be possible to create such component (for example, QR code reader component opens a camera to read the code). You might want to talk with some component developers, let me tag someone I know: @Mitch-Pragmaflow @James_App_Maker @Michael @Complab @lottemint @tylerssn

Best regards, Victor.


@seantconrad are you wanting to modify the photos in-app or just store them and have access to them?

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