How to Pass Many-to-One Data to Screen

Hi. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious here, but I can’t work out how to create a screen to edit the Company details for a User who is in a Many-to-One relationship (Many Users to a Company, One Company to a User).
The Company info is all available for the Logged In User when adding text fields, images, etc. But it can’t be linked to a Form for some reason.
What am I missing? How do I make the Current Company data for the Logged In User available to forms and other screens so that the Logged In user (if Admin) can edit their Company details?
It seems to only work if I create a New Company each time I want to go to a screen to edit the company details. But what if the Company already exists? How does the user edit the info after logging in?

If you have a list of companies, logged in user > companies and click through that list item to the edit screen, that data should be available. If you click on the screen where the form is, and go to available data, is current company available as a data item?

Thanks @theadaloguy, however, I can’t populate a list with the User’s company (Many-to-One, so only one company per user, multiple users per company).

I only seem to be able to pass Current Company if I Create a new one - whereas I need a method to update the Users current company somehow.

Yeah choose ‘all company’.

Then you should be able to add another filter below: Company > users > contains > logged in user.

Should look something like that.

Ah ok - that seems to work. Thank you.
But means I have to use a list to show the User their Company and then they have to click that to go to edit details. Not entirely intuitive when there is only one record.
There’s no way to make the ‘My Company’ button do the same thing?

Yes, just go to the my company button, choose ‘make list’ - you can actually turn the button into a list of companies, and nobody will see that it’s not a normal button. It can be choosing the user’s company behind the scenes.

This will work as a normal button, although not as part of a bottom tab bar for example.

That’s cool. Although the formatting of the button goes out for some reason.
Stretches edge to edge despite the design showing otherwise.
ScreenShot 2021-07-26 at 11.30.44
ScreenShot 2021-07-26 at 11.31.50

Lists can throw up their own challenges for design. It will require some playing with to get it right.

You might consider making a new custom list and placing the button inside it. Resizing the list etc.

You might want to put all of these buttons within the list - might make things easier for the layout.

Ok. Will play around.
Thank you very much for your help. Much appreciated.

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FYI, using a Custom List fixed the layout issue for some reason.

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