Viewing specific member profile from list

Hi, I have a list of all members. Each record has a right arrow, for which I want to set an action to display the profile of that particular user, (not the logged in user who is viewing the list.) At the moment I can only see the profile of the logged in user?


TIA :slight_smile:

Hello, in order to do so, please create a screen that will be different form the logged in user profile screen, where you want to show the current user data. Then add an action to the list to link to this new screen.

Thank you!

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Hi @chapperzz,

Did you linked the arrow to the Profile screen that shows logged in user’s details? If it is duplicate that profile screen and give another name and link the arrow to that screen and populate the components with current user data.

Thank you


So as suggested, I made a new screen (user profile test) and I am now able to pull the information from ‘current user’ :slight_smile:

However when I try to link from any other screen to the test profile screen it tells me that current user info is no longer available?

When you click the profile icon you need to view the logged in user’s profile? Then you can link it to the Profile screen and the User Profile test screen is to view the current user when a user clicked on the list!

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