How to pass path parameter into API Base URL?

Hello, I am trying to setup an external collection and want to pass a path parameter into the API’s Base URL.

What is the proper way to format a query parameter to achieve this? Thank you.

It depends on the API you’re using. Each API is different - can you tell us which one you’re wanting to use?

Yes, the API belongs to a company called Flowhub. Please note though that it is a closed API. The GET request I am using has no available queries and it only requires a path parameter. Perhaps this is where my confusion lies, I see no option to add said parameter when creating the external collection in Adalo.

Yes the parameter will be passed later on when you create a list. If there are no queries, then you may be able to query all and simply filter down to the one(s) you need with parameters.

I see, thank you very much!

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