How to play single audio (not from list)

I just want to play a single instructional audio on a page from an mp3 stored in the Adalo database. I don’t want to store the audio somewhere else and play thru url because it takes time to load and the MP3 file plays immediately.

Is this possible? (It works fine form a list but not as a single)
Thanks, Kalee

You would select the files URL and place that in the audio player for the link. If you have many audios in the list and only wanna play one. Filter the list to exact name as the database or use database ID number. I hope this helps.

Thanks. I ended up having to create a list and filter it to exact name but I was hoping there was a way to avoid having to create a list to play a single audio. But I was unable to get the player to work with just one audio. Were you able to get it to work with just one?

Try with the component player video

That requires “current audio url” and that means it is being pulled from a list, not a single audio file. I’m trying to avoid a list. Make sense or am I missing something?

send a photo or video from the adalo editor, to better understand your problem