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I create a collection (Audio) with a property file in it, I manually add a file to the database and give it a name. Now I would like to add the file to the Audio player, when clicking play it should play the sound of the file.

I go to the properties of the Audio player and below “URL of Song” I would like to add the file which is in my collection (Audio), I have no URL and wont ever have one.
The issue I am having is when I click the “Add magic text” I can see the collection named Audio but with only the property count.

I have looked at the Adalo videos on how to set up audio files, the only difference for me is that an audio file can not be added by users, they are already in the collections and can be heard by all users. I have tried adding the relationship * - * between Users and Audio, does not solve the issue.


Hey there @SPJVR

You have to have a list of your audio files in order to access the “Current Audio > URL” in the magic text.

I’ve created a couple of tutorials to help out with the audio player:

Watch this video: How to create a continuous audio player in Adalo (step by step) - YouTube
And/or this video: UPDATED! Continuous Audio Player using Adalo - YouTube

Both videos will show you how to access the audio files from your database.

Much appreciated @Flawless

I was actually watching your videos but missed the: “You have to have a list of your audio files in order to access the “Current Audio > URL” in the magic text” part, thanks, now I can actually play and hear the sound.

Your video: How to add sound effects to your Adalo mobile app - YouTube

Helped me get my issue solved, I need to play more than one sound on my screen, depending on which button the user clicks.


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