How to post all at once in one action

Hi everyone, I have a question, if I update/post one row of data I can, how do I update several rows of data in one action? I use XANO as Database

Hello, you can discover more about Xano database integration in this link: Adalo + Xano

Thank you!

Hi @Agung

You need to loop through the query of those records in your function stack and make an update action for each item.

hi @Rozza
what about bulk records, are they the same?

Hi Agung
What is the use case?

Bulk add record I have used for custom CSV imports. You just need the field names to be matched already, because you cannot map them.

I can’t see a use case with Adalo other than bulk import of an Adalo collection into Xano.

Hi @Rozza , I managed to create it in Xano, now I want to set it up in ADALO, is it enough to add the create action?
or are there additional settings?

1st question to answer is: What is input data (json)? Because from Adalo you can’t pass multiple rows at the same time.

Explain a bit what you are trying to achieve, with examples of the data you are passing.

OK, wait a minute, I’ll make a video

I created a custom list, in the custom list I added text input (number)
when everything is filled in I want everything to be recorded in one action.

Not possible. The only approach I can think is… you would need to update the logged in user and combine all values into one text field, which is then parsed by Xano. Or to have a temporary collection in Xano which stores each value as it is updated, then batch processes them upon a submit button. My feeling is it will be clunky.

Nocode monkey Autosave input box would be necessary.

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Okay, thank you @Rozza
Maybe I will use another method, I haven’t thought of it yet

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