An error occurred when calling Get All for Xano

Make sure that your API response from Xano is returning the data properly as JSON, go an run a test there and do the necessary changes when asked

that is ok

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Hi @AndreasAyoCruz,

I see that in your base URL it has auth me which means that it only returns a one record for that entered auth token and the response is not a array.

Try this with a custom action!

Thank you

And how do I create a Xano user profile in Adalo?

You would need to run a custom action each time the user go to the profile and save that information in inputs and show them by inputs.

But I guess the easy way of doing this getting the all users from a external collection and in the profile screen group the all components and make it a list and filtering the user id to external user id and fill the properties inside the components from magic text.

@JL_LJ what do you think?

@dilon_perera , @AndreasAyoCruz

We talking about the page of the logged in user profile correct? In this case 2 options:

  1. The one already referred by @dilon_perera, this method is specially perfect if you allow the user to directly update details there in the screen. This if you don’t want to register this data in Adalo DB and always serve from XANO.

  2. When you signup the user via the xano auth, you create a second custom action to pickup the auth/me results and update the Adalo DB collection with those details. This if you want to register the results in Adalo DB and serve from Adalo.

My personal choice is option 1, so +1 on the solution provided by @dilon_perera , keeping it clean and in the XANO DB.

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Thanks @JL_LJ for your reply!


Is it this one

Or this one?

I believe this one :eyes:

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Jackpot @dilon_perera, the “I believe this one” wins the prize :smiley: .

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For the auth you need to use a custom action! The response is not a array and it’s a single record that matches for the given auth token.

You need to get the all users from the users endpoint. Once you go to the Default API groups section go to the users api endpoint section and go inside in the get ( query all user records ) endpoint and copy the endpoint URL and paste it in the base URL in the external collection setup and run the test!

I am genuinely confused now.

Are you using the auth/me endpoint to get the user details, or you want to use the regular GET endpoint to get the user details and filter by the id?

  • First option gives you user details just with token, but makes you get a login request to get token.

  • Second option, you only need to add “id” as a filter to get the user details as a list format. This one f you don’t use Token, API becomes public.

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I just wanted my private profile when I logged in.


( Filtering Tutorials : Adalo External Users Beta + Xano: Part 2: Adalo Setup - YouTube , Adalo & Xano: How to Use Adalo Query Parameters to Filter a List on a Screen - YouTube )

Thank you, It’s complicated. Why can’t we use it through auth / me?

this data is displayed correctly.

that Adalo would not be able to display api auth / me?

As @dilon_perera mentioned, that endpoint does not return a JSON Array, so you need to use the other endpoint.
Did you setup already the external users?

Yes, I am setup arleady the external users.
Do you also have a profile set up as Dilon showed?

If you use Auth me endpoint you need to run a custom action before the user comes to the profile page!

And one way to store the results is using inputs.

Another way is to create a collection inside Adalo and create a record there and show that record in the profile screen.

The easy solution would be this :