How to put a user's online status for others to see?

I’m creating a delivery app, and within it there will be stores cataloged in the app, I wanted to know if you can put it in some way, that the store is open or online, for example, a store opens and closes and a certain time, I I wanted to know if you can put a button or something where this store manager presses a button saying that he is online, and that appears on the main screen of the customers.

Yes just have a true / false property on the store. The store manager sees a toggle which updates this setting.

Then for users display a list of stores where ‘open’ = true

Ok. I will try. Thanks

could you explain it to me better? I tried to apply the method, but at the time I was lost, not understanding what to do.

No worries. Can you send me a private message I’ll take a look at your app

sorry, i don’t know how to send private message hahaha, can i send you my email?

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