HELP ME PLEASE - Conditionnal action

Hey all !

I need help about a feature that i want to do and i am blocked, i explain :

The app is an in-app subscritpion, with it you can have some reductions in our partnership store when you have subscribe (once reduction every 6 hour per store)

  • How can i do a button on every store :

The USER can click once time every 6 hours PER store.

My collection :

  • User
  • Store
  • Historical

I now it’s with the “sometimes visible” but how ?

Thank to youu for the help :frowning: !

When they subscribe to a store, include an action that updates a record inside the user, for example, “subscription clicked”. This is a date & time property, so you know precisely when they subscribed.

Now you can set the conditional action based on time. With the “subscription clicked” property, you know when they last clicked so that you can compare the current time versus the time of click. If it’s 6 hours or more, then the button is visible.

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