How to do an reward app?

No found reward help topic in forum, maybe you can tell me how doing a reward app ?
For each action earning and displaying 100 points. . .
Best regards

i can help you with that but it will be more annoying to help you using forums

hey does the app use receipts or how does it work

Thanks, here are elements that I set

  • list simple of challenges contains title descriptions and link’s website to visit
  • every challenges on click generate 100 points

Displaying points it’s ok but
I would like to set one challenge : share my app gives you 100 points
I would like that for each user total points are the right sum

Hey @AgentScully if you want I can teach you some stuff like that free of cost in a meeting today at 6:00 PM (PT) and for your issue

thanks ! I has done something almost like that, now, it works with your help :slight_smile:
Now , would like that when user click on the button, it open a navigator page…is that possible ?|336x500

You will see an additional action button when you click on the list
add a page where you want to show the info than on the add action button link to the screen
and last all the info you want to add just click current (selected item)

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