How to repost or download and delete images on Adalo?

Hi everyone,

I’m a total newbie to programming and adalo in general. I have been able to create a website similar to instagram through a youtube tutuorial. However, in order for it to fulfil the purpose of my website, I need to be able to let the user repost the images (+add their own caption) or let them download the image (right click doesnt let me download the image) aaaand let them delete their uploaded picture. Can anybody help me and explain how to add these functions?

I would be super grateful for any help!!

@anonymous Welcome to the community.

Here are the steps to delete & repost:

Delete: Add a delete icon to the post and make it visible only to the person who posted the image. [read on conditional visibility here: Changing a Component's Visibility - Adalo Resources ]

Once you set the delete icon, you can add action to the button to initiate delete item from DB when the user clicks on it.

Repost: Similar to above, add an icon to repost [conditional visibility is not required here]

when the user clicks on it, you can open up a new post screen with the data from the current post and add a comment field in there to capture caption added by the user. Maybe you can also get little creative here to add additional tags for reposted photos.

Hope it helps!

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