How to rotate picture

Inside app, i am adding articles for user with photos/pictures.(It is important for user to some detail at the picture) I would like to give user oportunity to see picture on full horizontal screen when he clicks on photo/picture.
I use modal popup to show only picture…
I want to force photo to rotate into horizontal position after clicking on it.

The same mechanism using youtube app when we click on video and than, click on “fullscreen” button , video goes into horizontal view.

How can i achieved that ?

Thank you for helping

Has anyone got idea how to achieve that?

Hey @adis461,

Sorry to say that - but I don’t think there is a way to do it in Adalo with built-in instruments.

Maybe someone could create a custom component for it, but as I recall this will require a deeper interaction with phone OS, and Adalo components API might not allow it. Though I might be wrong here :slight_smile:


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