Landscape mode youtube component


I love Adalo, it fulfills all the requirements I have, except a big one. I am building an e-learning platform, and there is a Youtube component. Users should have the ability to switch the video to landscape mode, but it breaks.

I know this bug has been reported, but I’m sure it blocks 90% of the apps waiting to leverage video components on Adalo. Could we know when will that be fixed?

Many thanks!

Hello, can you please share an image about the issue you’re experiencing?

Thank you!

Heyy sure. So every time I am using a video component (Youtube or Plyr) and I want the video to be full screen, I reverse the iPhone to put the video in landscape mode. Then, immediately, I get the share screen with the QR code (see attached).

Hello, This is happening because you’re reviewing your app from a website. so if you’re app is on android or IOS, you won’t experience this problem. If you only want to publish the app on web, then you can copy it to be as a PWA in order to make the landscape mode available after rotating the phone.

Thank you!

Oh thank you so much Ali! Will try

You’re welcome!

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