How to send Trigger Notification

Hi Adalo community I am currently developing a Boardroom Booking app with two version Web and Mobile version.Boardroom have Owners,I would like Boardroom Owners to be receceiving notification whenever a new booking has been placed to their boardroom. I seem to manage to implement the functionality but the only problem I am experiencing now is that I am unable to set my Recipient to Current Boardroom > Boardroom Owner’s email

Can someone kindly help me out

The “Trigger Notification” action sends a push notification to the user’s device, it does not trigger an email. So you’re looking for the board room owner’s email, but you only need to select the actual board room owner.

You have the data right there. Click on this one:

Selecting the current board room owner from this spot will send a push notification to that user if the user has the app installed on their device.

Thank you so much for clarity @Flawless

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