How to send Push Notifications to only 1 specific user?


I am using this way Push Notifications - Adalo Resources to send Push Notifications (not Trigger Notification), BUT I need to send some push notifications ONLY to 1 specific user of the app. I can send to logged in user, but this is not what I need in this case.

I have created the Custom Action, and:
as I try to put the email of the user in the receiver form, it is not working:
Screenshot 05-27-2021 10.13.29

or, as I try to put a condition, to let the login user as target and filter by email, also, is not working:
Screenshot 05-27-2021 10.12.46

Can anybody, please advise, share an opinion on this?

Thank you!

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I have found out that the Trigger Notification has a filter. This may be useful.

Hi @ionutilie,

As an option - have a “Current User” available in a place from which you send Push notification. Like in a chat, when you’re sending a message - you can have “Trigger Notification” action, and there you add Current User as a recipient.

Best regards, Victor

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Thank you @Victor !
I need that for some actions on the app only the Admin role to receive a Push Notification, e.g. new sign up, new message, new purchase.
As other users may be logged in I wanted to filter the receivers.
Now I have filtered if Users All, with filter “if Current User Admin True”. But sometimes it is functional, sometimes not…

I do this too. I sent notication to - All Users > where Admin = true. Seems to work ok in my experience.

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Thank you @theadaloguy.
I will check all the actions again to make sure I did them correctly.

Hello @Victor and @theadaloguy.
Although it is probably the simplest setting, no push is sent. What could it be?
Screenshot 06-05-2021 00.00.54
Thank you!

Hello again @Victor and @theadaloguy!

I tested several scenarios and I have the following situation: the web app sends push only if an admin is logged in and only to the admin who is not logged in. So if a user is not logged in and is not an admin, no push is sent as a result of the associated action.

That’s how it should be?

Only the admin can trigger the push from web app?

If I make an app only for the admin that will share to the same DB could it be a solution? Or the push is sent to all apps that have the same database?

Thank you!

Hi @ionutilie,

This is a bit strange.
I’ve just finished small experiment with my Notifications Sample app. It consists of 2 apps: web-app for admin console and native app for users.

I’ve set up the following action for the admin console, but for non-admins. It is on “No Access” screen.

This is the screen itself:

I have 3 users in this app: 2 of them are admins and 1 is not:

I have 2 phones (iPhones both). On each one I’ve logged in as different admin.
Here is what I get when I press the button:

So the method by @theadaloguy works…

Best regards, Victor.

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Thank you @Victor !
I will go again trough the process.
Please, let me know: who is making the action and is sending the push from web app? Are logged in users or guests?
Thank you!


Logged-in users, not guests

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Thank you @Victor !
And it is possible to have an action that trigger a push as a guest?
Thank you!

Hi @ionutilie,

Just tested it in the same app - push does NOT work when I put the same button to a welcome screen and try to send notifications.

Also I see 500 Server Error in the browser console:

I wonder if this behaviour is expected or not, but I don’t have an answer for that. I’ve asked some advice from Adalo, will keep you updated.

Reg. how to solve the issue - as an alternative, you can try to do it via custom action, or using smth like Integromat. The downside of such approach will be that you can’t send notification to more than 1 person.

Best regards,

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Thank you @Victor !

My solution - for now - is to automatically register users (as e.g., when they intend an action for which I want notification.
Then if the user wants a registration action, I force him to actually make an update with his correct and real data to the randomly created user.
It may not be the best solution, but it works for the moment.

Thanks again for your support.

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