How to set "Logged in user" field for forms

Hey folks,

For some reason, when I try to set an automatic field to “Logged in user”, I am not getting that option…

I have set the relationship between the form collection and users collection but for some reason, I am just not getting the option so when the form is filled out, there is no user assigned to it.

When I go to the automatic field to choose “Logged in user”, this is what I get which is not helping… A continuous list of dropdowns that cascades endlessly…

Hey, @Michaelr2021 Welcome to the Adalo Community!!

I would suggest watching this video:

Thanks to @pfordmedia for creating TONS of Adalo Tips and Tricks Videos! His videos are AWESOME!

Thanks for sharing that.

So how would we setup the relationship to be thus:

Let’s say there is a collection of rabbits. Each item in rabbits can only have 1 user.

So there are multiple rabbits each assign to one different users.

Basically, each form filled out for a collection belongs to only one user…

It seems to not be working when I set it up that way… Are there any other videos specifically about have a user fill out a form and it is assigned to them?

Hey, @Michaelr2021! Check out this video!

Thanks @James_App_Maker for the mention and kind words! Yes to update that type of relationship you will need to create the item on the form’s first action, then immediately update the Logged In User’s relationship field to be the Newly Created Item.

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Hey guys, thanks for all your help. Finally got it sorted :slight_smile: @James_App_Maker Amazing of you to respond so quickly, really appreciate it.

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