(Urgent!) I need help with lists

I am trying to build a meal planning app. After a user signs in (or creates an account) they are linked to a home screen which directly links them to a bio data collection screen (given that they havent completed this This would be true for first time accounts). My current data collections are Users, Bio Data, and Diet (I will attach the screen shots below). After filling out the biodata screen, the user is then linked to a diet selection screen. This is where a user would pick their diet type from a simple list. I made a database collection called Diet which has true or false properties of the diet types. What I want to do is make the diet types show up in a simple list on the diet collection screen and then when the user clicks on the diet and clicks continue, the user would update the biodata data collection and set the respective diet type to true. This isn’t working for me. I have tried making a one diet to many relationship between the Users data collection and the bio data datacollection. The list of diet types are supposed to show up when the user presses continue after the bio data screen, but nothing shows up.

My user flow thingy:

List setup:

Hi @Unlqsting,

A couple of thoughts:

  • unless you are going to store several biometric data “snapshots” for a user, there is no need for an extra bio data collection;
  • you can link diet to users (1:M) and set the relationship when a user chooses some diet;
  • as you have 0 records in diet collection, nothing is displayed in this list as it’s empty.


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