How to sort colors based on relation?

how to sort colors based on relation?

I want, the more colors you choose, the more colors are on the left or front.

Can you explain a bit more?
Do you mean your screenshot if 3 colours should only show 1? Because you have 1 dpt associated?

Sorry if I’m not detailed enough, this is related to ranking, If users choose more orange, it means orange is in first place

I think you will be limited by the fact you can only sort a list on one field, and grouping capability is limited. You could achieve this easily in Xano and maybe other external collections.

Something is possible in Adalo.
You need a table of colours and one join table of colours_used fields are (user, colour, tally)

Display a list of colours, when you click the colour you create a record in colours_used with tally = 1. In your list of colours is a sublist of colours_used (set to display max 1 record). It is on this sublist you update that current colours_used record… tally +1

As I said, there is no secondary sort possible, so maybe you need some more trickery to increase the tally by 1 + a decimal of the current time. Because how do you treat 2 colours with tally = 3, which one is listed first?

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