Reorder list based on dynamic variable

Hey guys. I’m trying to create a reorder interface for a task list based on a user defined number. Can anyone help?

I understand what you are wanting to do, but I’m not sure if or how you could do that in Adalo. Basically it would be a list sorted by say a “Priority Number” where the user would set the priority when editing the step.
The part that I don’t know how you could do would be to say if step 3 was move to 4, to auto-increment what was 4 to be 5 etc.

Hey Tony, thanks for the reply.

I need the user to be able to order this list as pleased. It’s crucial to the consultant to be able to list the tasks in order. So, the objective is explained. Hope your creative mind can help me with that :slight_smile:

Ill try some integrations and post it here.

Thanks again

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Have you managed to find a solution for this?

I’m looking for this too. We need a way to update “other records” in addition to the current one. There doesn’t seem to be the ability to do this, but I would imagine it is a common need. Has this been added as a feature request yet?

here’s the feature request link: