How to unsubscribe with stripe via component marketplace or Make (integromat)


I’m working on an app where customers can subscribe thanks to the “stripe subscribe component”.
The problem is, that I can’t find a way to give to my customers the possibility to unsuscribe…
I tried to do it with Make (integromat), but as a beginner I didn’t find the way…

So, can anybody help me with this?
Does any component exist in adalo marketplace to do it easily?
What can I do with Make (integromat) to succeed? What schould I choose on the Stripe module in Make, (payment intents?.. there is nothing about “subscribe” in the suggestions…)

Thank you very much, for anybody who brings me any help!
Excuse my english, I’m french, I did my best =)

Hey @flechette31!

Once subscribed using the Stripe Subscription Component, your Users will be able to Unsubscribe when they go back to the Subscription page. The Component will automatically change based on their email address so it requires they are logged in but it will show 'Stop Subscribing" if they have an active Subscription.

Depending on the setup of your app, you may also need to use custom actions utilizing the Stripe REST API to validate active subscriptions and set up limitations within your app but we are currently working on some help docs that can assist you with that.


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Hi Flechette!

I’ve made a tutorial and offer help to set this up. if you’re interested you can access it here (it’s not free but you can then access my contact info afterwards so I can help you in each step):

Je parle français, donc je te peux aider en français si tu préfères :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your answer! I’m going to try! =)


Merci pour ta réponse ! Je reviendrai vers toi si jamais je ne trouve pas de solution =)

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