How to update external collection from Xano in Adalo?

I am using Xano for my database and link my database using an external collection. I have copied all the endpoints from Xano and pasted them into Adalo when I made the external collection.

Creating items from Adalo works and I can see the newly created items populate in my Xano database, however, when I try updating an Item I receive the pop up message “Action Cannot be Completed”.

Is there something that I am doing wrong?

I use custom actions to send info from Adalo to Xano.

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Hi , thank you for the reply! I have never tried a custom action before… Unfortunately I seem to be running into another issue:

“message”: “Value “%7B1%7D” is not a valid integer.”,
“payload”: {
“param”: “receipt_items_id”

I have attached some screen shots to give you an idea of what I have tried, can you spot the error?

I can see that the input in Xano is a text field…