Adalo + XANO ID?

Started using XANO, and what to see best practice for the “id”? Are you using a adalo generated ID or using the id from XANO? From top of my head if you submit a record into external collection, then you need to call the API again to get that id generated because it is not registered in Adalo.

Any best practices?

Thank you

Using user authentication in Xano to generate the ID and key. Then use them for all other API calls.

Apologies @rickman was not clear. I mean when you add a record, image I have collection “Cars” and I created a Car in Xano DB, it has then a unique ID.

If I Add a “car” in DB, then I have another step in the form to add extra, I then there need to call the ID to make I update the newly created car. With Adalo DB you just use the “Current Car” and “Update current Car”, but with external collection, it is a different flow.

Yes it is. You have to create a “Custom Action” whenever you want to add, edit, or delete data from Xano. You use the API Base URL from Xano into the Custom Action form along with the JSON body and your inputs. Then test it and save the Action.
Once that is done use the new Magic Text options to fill in the custom action inputs.
There are some good videos in Xano that helps with API calls with Adalo.


Thanks @rickman it is the same approach as the Airtable then. The issue I see in these external collections (Unless I am seeing it wrong), is that, to use forms, you still need to create a Adalo collection, so there is still a “double” dependency. Adalo should create a form that would allow to directly input info into the external collections by selecting the list + custom action.

Agree, but right now you have to build the components separately for forms.

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