How to use AI in your Adalo App

Hi everyone, I’ve just released a video on using OpenAI from your Adalo app

I’m considering a follow-up video that can explore use cases a bit. I.e. different situations in Adalo apps where AI could help. Let me give examples: Making descriptions based on varied collection data. Classifiying data. Suggesting marketing copy for users.

If you have a use-case for AI in your app, please let me know here. I’d like to select a couple of use-cases to test out and create a video using these.



AMAZING!!! did not know it was this easy to implement


This is incredible, @theadaloguy! More firepower to you! :tada: :fire:

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I’ve been working on an AI app for a client. This AI stuff is awesome :man_mage:

Great explainer @theadaloguy

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@theadaloguy – well done! I’m trying to figure out if I have a use case for this functionality but just sent this to a friend who definitely does.

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That’s Awesome @theadaloguy! Very well explained.

I’m in the final approval processes with OpenAi to Launch my Ai App :slight_smile: As you know the next step to these models is to make your own instance of the GPT-3 model and train it for specific use cases :slight_smile:

Anyone interested check out this App fully developed using the method above and a few other moderation APIs :slight_smile:

The Adalo Guy is back!! :smiley:

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Thanks guys! @iAppsNi you inspired me to look into AI more and I’m really impressed by your app as I’ve told you before.

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Thank you! Is there a way to select a user’s input for the prompt in the API?

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Yes, that’s what we’re doing in the video. The user can input prompt

Your video on using OpenAI with Adalo it intriguing! It’s great that you’re considering exploring real-world applications of AI within Adalo apps.

DALLE is giving temporary image url (2 hours). How to download image file via temporary url to storage?

Save it to imagebb or similar image hosting service.

If you run into the problem with rgba vs rgb image format, i specifically made an api to solve this and put it on just search rgba should come up.

You need some 3rd party trickery to get it into the cloud. I’ve done similar with Xano, get the image data from the URL, send it to your storage, get the URL and update your collection with that URL.

You can do the same with Make and others.

Hi I’m trying to set up OpenAI API querying my list of job listings (I’m putting them in a Google Sheet), so that OpenAI API would tell me which jobs to start applying to in the list based on my tech stack and experience (aka applying to the right jobs, starting with the easier ones, thus not applying to jobs that are beyond my scope at any given time).

The jobs are listed in Sheet as #rowIndex / title / company / description as well as (probably irrelevant) location / url / date found

I’ve had difficult times setting this up with Retool, Buildship, Appsmith, Zapier, OpenAI retrieval plugin with python (the doc on github is not up to date…) using embeddings/vector DBs like ChromaDB, or Pinecone, or Weaviate…

I’d really want a really simple tool at this point, that takes no longer than 2 hours of setup, based only on OpenAI API reading my Sheet and without further complication simply prioritize the jobs, persist the results and render them in a very simple pre-built frontend that I can easily access (instead of VS Code/terminal).

Can Adalo just do that, and if so, how?