How to use AI in your Adalo App

Hi everyone, I’ve just released a video on using OpenAI from your Adalo app

I’m considering a follow-up video that can explore use cases a bit. I.e. different situations in Adalo apps where AI could help. Let me give examples: Making descriptions based on varied collection data. Classifiying data. Suggesting marketing copy for users.

If you have a use-case for AI in your app, please let me know here. I’d like to select a couple of use-cases to test out and create a video using these.



AMAZING!!! did not know it was this easy to implement


This is incredible, @theadaloguy! More firepower to you! :tada: :fire:

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I’ve been working on an AI app for a client. This AI stuff is awesome :man_mage:

Great explainer @theadaloguy

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@theadaloguy – well done! I’m trying to figure out if I have a use case for this functionality but just sent this to a friend who definitely does.

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That’s Awesome @theadaloguy! Very well explained.

I’m in the final approval processes with OpenAi to Launch my Ai App :slight_smile: As you know the next step to these models is to make your own instance of the GPT-3 model and train it for specific use cases :slight_smile:

Anyone interested check out this App fully developed using the method above and a few other moderation APIs :slight_smile:

The Adalo Guy is back!! :smiley:

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Thanks guys! @iAppsNi you inspired me to look into AI more and I’m really impressed by your app as I’ve told you before.

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Thank you! Is there a way to select a user’s input for the prompt in the API?

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Yes, that’s what we’re doing in the video. The user can input prompt