Open AI Assistant API’s

Can Open AI’s Assistant API’s be added to Adalo apps?

Has anyone tried this?

Hello, you can check here the Open AI Assistant API documentation and information:

Thank you!

Perfect, thanks,

Unsure how to do make all this work but hopeful someone makes a tutorial video soon

You’re welcome!

Hello SJAscott23,

Sorry, this is a little late.

I’ve been integrating OpenAI API’s with Adalo for a while for MVP AI applications. Here’s what I’ve found…

Single-turn vs Multi-turn applications
Single-turn application - Basic Q&A (No long-term memory)
Multi-turn application - Long-term memory
Creating single-turn AI applications such as my love letter generator, is easy. Multi-turn applications are a little more challenging because the structure of the API is constantly changing.

I’m working on a tutorial for the assistant API but from my initial experiments, this has to be done with the addition of Make or Zapier.

This is one of my tutorials, obviously it’s 10 months old. I believe the specific API endpoint I used may be slightly different to the assistant API but still works perfectly for single turn applications:

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