How to use custom actions to enable Flutterwave payments

Hello all,

I’m trying to build an app that accepts rent payments but Stripe isn’t available in my country. I saw a topic by @IsaacO about Flutterwave and I wanted to know if anyone could help with that. Thanks.

Hello Tami

I did an implementation of this using custom actions and would be glad to help

Let me know how I can be of assistance


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Hello Isaac,

Thank you for responding. I’m trying to build an app that allows renters get screened and pay for their rent online and I was hoping to tweak Adalo to be used with Flutterwave for card payments.

It’ll be great if you could put me through how you successfully did yours.



Are you familiar with the Flutterwave API and Adalo custom actions? Or would you need a step by step guide end-to-end?

If it wouldn’t be too much trouble you can give a step-by-step guide end-to-end.


Let me do the screenshots for you for each step. Expect this by tomorrow


Thank you so much Isaac.

Hi @IsaacO

This is awesome, integrating Flutterwave with Adalo using custom actions. I’d also be very grateful to see your screenshots. Haven’t done Flutterwave payment integration even on a website before.

Sorry for delay. To integrate the payments you need your Flutterwave Secret Key. This is in the settings:
Flutterwave Secret Key

You then create the custom action:

Put in the base url. The type will be the payment method, in my case it was MPesa:

Enter the secret key:

Enter the input fields:

Then test the custom action to confirm it works:

Thereafter you can use the saved custom action as part of your logic:

Let me know how it goes


Thank you so much Isaac, I’ll let you know how it goes😊

Awesome @IsaacO ! Thanks a lot

Hey Isaac, trying to set up this according to your guidelines but I don’t know what custom formula was used for the TransRef

Hi Tami
The Transaction reference I was using was a random 4 digit code. I used the formula RAND(1000,9999) that generates a random number between 1000 and 9999.

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Ohhh, i get it now. Thank you😊

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