Flutterwave Custom Action


I am trying to use the custom action to send a POST via JSON to the Flutterwave API. The exact same JSON is successfully consumed via POSTMAN but the custom action returns an authorization required error. Has anyone experienced something similar before? How did you resolve it?


I’m not familiar with this API.

If it works in postman then there is no reason it shouldn’t work in Adalo.

Are you sending the required headers within the custom action?

Hi Colin
I am sending the JSON from Adalo to the endpoint and getting the error. When I send the same JSON from Zapier, Integromat and Postman it succeeds. I would ideally want the Adalo POST to work so I consume the output within Adalo rather than storing the output in Airtable and then bringing it back as an External Collection

Even when I try a different endpoint (MPesa API) I get an error on Adalo but not on Postman

Adalo Custom Action Setup2 Adalo Custom Action Setup3

There isn’t any reason this shouldn’t work. Are you positive you have no extra spaces anywhere in the bearer token or anywhere else?

I can take a deeper look in to it tomorrow perhaps if you still have not got it to work.

Hi Colin,
You were absolutely right, There was an extra space somewhere :ok_man:
Thanks so much for the help it is now working

It happens :slight_smile: I’m glad it is working now

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