How to use dropdown and connect action to each dropdown optionoption?


I just signed up with adalo and do not know much about the platform. I currently have a dropdown menu that lists all 50 states and I would like users to choose a state. Once the user chooses the state, lets say Alabama, how do you trigger the action of going to a new page for Alabama that the lists the information I want? This goes for all 50 states.

Thank you in advance for your help!!

Hello, you’ll add an action that links to the next screen. In that screen (Destination), you can create the texts or lists that will display information about the “Current state”

Hey Ali-Bazzi!

Thanks for your reply! I think I am having trouble with linking the action. I have the dropdown menu with the states but when I link the dropdown screen (home screen) to the next screen which would be the Alabama information it automatically goes to the next screen without the ability to choose a state when I preview it. I’m not sure how to make an action linked to each state in the dropdown so it brings you to the corresponding page of whatever state you choose.


Do you have a designated screen for each state?

Ideally that should not be the case. There should be a generic screen that the user lands on, irrespective of which state they selected.

This way, the new screen will just display all information of “Current State”

If there is a PWA link to your app, I can have a look and be able to provide detailed feedback.

Or even better, you can take a screenshot from Adalo Editor so we can see the design of your collections and screens to be able to assess.

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