How to link dropdowns to each other

Hello all,

Newb here! I have watched the tutorials and still have couple questions regarding databases and dropdowns.

  1. In databases; how should it be (relationship wise) set for Country, State and Cities to be shown? I was thinking building separate db’s for future extending to more countries. ( I am planning to start with U.S only)

  2. In dropdown lists, I would like to achieve users selection to show the following data.

When user selects country, the following dropdown shows the all 51 U.S states.

First dropdown :


Second dropdown (If USA selected)

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • California

third dropdown (If California selected)

  • San Francisco
  • Berkeley
  • Menlo Park

If it can’t be done in Adalo, should I create multiple db’s and do transition screens to one another to achieve the same result?

My end result is to have a checklist ready for users to click check/unchecked via boxes.

Thanks very much and all the help is appriciated.

I am also open to other ideas on how to achieve this.

Maybe let the users select and move to next screen and at the end of the selection process they can click submit and move to checklisting screen?

You’ll want to make sure you have relationships setup between the country, state, and city collections. Then you can add a filter to the dropdowns so that you’re only showing the state’s country is equal to the Dropdown input’s value (which would be a country). Then do the same for the city - add a filter to the city dropdown so that it only shows the cities where the state is equal to the selected State in the dropdown.

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Thanks very much for the input.

I have tried the relationships and attached the pictures how I structured them.

Any specific mistakes your are seeing?

So the last screenshot - the country dropdown should not really have a filter. The state dropdown will be filtered such that only the states assigned to the selected country appear.

Appreciated, thanks very much!

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