How to use same DataBase

we are a group of students who are starting from scratch with Adalo, so we’ll need some help, please.

We’ve the idea of build an aplication with 2 parts:

  1. one for web (just to insert data)
  2. another for mobile (mainly to show data)

But both of them should be feed on same database. We’ve read that Airtable can work with Adalo, but we don’t know if it’s a good solution or not, or if we can just do it with Adalo.

Our biggest problem is how to get or insert data from/into same database.

Could someone guide us, please?
Thanks in advance.


I would recommend to use Adalo
Adalo provides the feature to share the same database between apps(web or mobile).
As you are starting out on Adalo this will be the best way to explore.

To achieve the same database sharing :

  1. Create an app(lets say Native Mobile App) → select your template → give your mobile app a name → click on create → setup collections(tables) and screens.
  2. Now create another app(let say Desktop Web App) → Click next(Template step)-> Click on advance options → Click on “Share Database with An Existing App…” → choose the Mobile app name that you curated above → Click on Done → give your app a name and click on create

The above steps will share the same database(feed data on same database).

This link should also help you:

Thanks for sharing the link it was quite useful..!

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