How to use the Get Help Category

Have a question about using Adalo? Unsure if you’re running into a bug or expected behavior? Wondering how others might solve a specific problem in Adalo? Then this is the category for you!


  1. Before creating a new topic, do a search first to make sure it hasn’t already been asked by another member of the community.
  2. Make sure to review the topic template (pasted below) when creating a new thread. Writing in the form of a question and providing context greatly helps search and reduces duplicate questions.
  • Please write your topic title as a question (if possible) — this helps with search
  • Give as much context as possible (details, screenshots, etc.) — this helps the community help you
  1. Make sure you abide by our community guidelines. You can read those here.

  2. If someone answers your question and it solves your problem, please mark their response as a solution. Click the show more icon (…) and then mark it as a solution.