Howto deeplink to a certain screen in the Adalo app

Hi all,

I’m creating this small game to encourage children to go more outdoors. They can paint pebbles and then hide and seek them. By dropping the pebble elsewhere, they can earn points.

Every pebble gets a unique code (eg. PB4298), which they can write on the back so that ‘anonymous’ finders can look it up on and log their find.

Is this even possible in Adalo? Who could point me in the direction of how I could accomplish this? The domain is already connected.

Thanks for any help.

Cool domain name!

Would deeplinking be needed?

All the app needs to do is create the reference. Then the child who finds the rock can just enter the code into the app and there’s a list that filters to the inputted code (exact match).


Good one, that could maybe work as well. I would then maybe create an input field on the Welcome Screen:

Pebble found?
[Eg. PB3223 ]

Typing there would show a filtered list of pebbles below and then it would redirect you to a public page where you can log your find anonymously.

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If you want it in the urls, you can check the pwa deep linking here

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Yes it can work like you describe

looks like the link is not working?

Yes, true. The . was missing i fixed it and here it is again

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Thanks. I’m looking for a way where users can easily share a link with their network.
Ideally, it would also share the OG tags, so they see a nice preview:

  • og:title
  • og:type
  • og:image
  • og:url

Is this possible with Adalo somehow?

i want to purchase this deeplink component for native and pwa…
i try click the link, its shows wrong products… pls help

does this component works well with adalo2.0?