PWA Deep Linking


As was noticed, i was working on a bunch of components for Adalo, today i am releasing the PWA Deep Linking component for Adalo, very easy to use, might the process be a little bit long to have, but it’s doable and easy,

that’s the demo video:

For more info, you check it here:
JN Components or

I am making an offer, get the Native DeepLinking, and PWA DeepLinking for 200$ instead of 150$ each.

Soon, i’ll be working on a realtime chat feature, I am coding it, it runs very smooth on the web, but got some bugs on native.


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Looks great, thank you, I will buy it!

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have you set your prices according to the new adalo prices?

So if you’re talking regarding Adalo’s pricing, their prices are fair, so do I, but for people who has everything served on a gold plate, for sure it will be an issue, but unfortunately everything takes time and not just time. A lot of time and testing and work and stuff. Google is free, you can see what other platforms/developers provide you with the pricing too.

Just contact me, share you token so i can add it/them.

I’m not here to dive into the arguments of Adalo’s prices or whatever, but I think anyone who has their life served on a gold plate are the ones who can afford $150. It’s those who are lucky to get a paper plate who won’t be able to pay that price.

Good luck to your project, hopefully your work will land some profits.

That looks great @njimmy10 , but I am struggle to understand how it works. I want to insert URL data into a QR code and when people scan the QR code it opens the product. However, the URL has to be short. Can this work with a URL shortened? The URL has to be something like:

You can use url shortener yes and it works. I use it for a client somewhere yes it works. I recommend tinyurl

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Thanks! I think the problem I am having is I don’t want to create a separate product page for each product, but rather have it as a list that filters the database as I have thousands of products. However I still need a separate URL for each product. Can your code do that?

Yes the component job is to have one screen which contains a list and it filters product depending on the entered url

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I tried to buy the component but neither the demo or the buying request are not responding.

Sorry for that. Were you checking on JN Components ?

Can you Message me your developer token and what component were you buying?

yes I was at your website

deep linking for native and PWA

I have private messaged you