Deep Linking in Adalo (well, deep-ish linking)

I released a new private component that should allow you to add Deep-Links into your app. This does not work at the root level so this should be used as a stopgap until Adalo officially releases deep-linking at the platform level rather than the component level.

The source code can be found here:

And the video proof of concept/walkthrough can be found here.

I hope someone will find this useful.


Wow thanks so much @TKOT! Looks like today will be an all nighter setting this up! :rofl: Also, does this work on PWA? Or only native apps?

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Ha, if it makes you feel better I was up until 3am last night getting the package ready for public release!

To answer the questions…

The easy and simple answer is ‘yes’ this is for native only. Only use this component if the intention is for native. This is not an Adalo thing, it is a tech giant thing. Stop reading the rest for sanity if you don’t want the spiel!

I might be a little dated with my information, but as far as I know a custom uri like adalo://myapp only works on iOS and Android for native apps. I believe it is currently in the proposal stage of adapting it for the internet, unless you are a trillion dollar company. So for PWAs you can only use http(s) for deep linking. With that said, this component will work for PWAs, or at least using the component should not stop a PWA from working.

A little more complicated answer is that this would be the wrong tool for deep linking in a PWA as a PWA already has their own deep linking mechanism without custom uri schemes This would work, but it is more complex than direct links (using to shorten adalo PWA urls). You could certainly have a user click an http link that goes to the home page, then the home page redirects the user to a specific page in a PWA, but if that is the case, just give a direct link to the page and skip the component.

The 14 year saga answer would be… it’s complicated! If a PWA is installed by Google then Google, being Google, will honor the links associated with the PWA and redirect the user to the right spot in the PWA. By contrast, Apple being Apple figures if you have a PWA and a user clicks a link, the experience of seeing the PWA in Safari is a better experience than a PWA in app mode, so let’s open a PWA link in Safari. This means that true deep linking in PWAs is an experience that the devs don’t have control over.

I hope this helps!


Thanks Steven! It helped! :grinning: I’ll test it on PWA and let you know if it works!

Add it finally to Adalo.
Without this, user communication is not possible.


This looks awesome.
Would it would be possible to use this to pass a parameter (for db/collection lookup) to a Adalo webapp?

The use case I have in mind is creating a webpage on which app-users can showcase their collection and share it with the world. For example via their Instagram-bio-link.

For this I need a custom url (eg or something simular. That would then pull the necessary data from the collection to fill the list that is shown.

Hope that this is possible, or would be with some modifications.



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I keep getting an error when I export builds:

“Error: Command failed: /Users/administrator/Code/TestApp2/node_modules/pitch-deep-links/scripts/
/bin/sh: /Users/administrator/Code/TestApp2/node_modules/pitch-deep-links/scripts/ Permission denied”

Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone been able to export?

Anyone who installed it?
I just published the component and it doesn’t appear in my Adalo components.

Yup, I did. Did you install it from the pragma flow website installer where you put your Adalo account details?

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I can’t find the component on PragmaFlow installer. Can you make a cloaneable app with the component in it? Thanks!

You need to add the component to your team.

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Thank you very much, @James_App_Maker ! This really helps me!

Hi @James_App_Maker and @TKOTC! We can share data on the link? I have a list of products, also, I want to share the product with the link

Hello Alex, yes you can share data, you can check steven’s vid on youtube on how to do that Deep-ish Linking in Adalo - YouTube for me i did it and worked fine, if you need any assistance feel free to reply…

Yes, I know the video. But the question is How can I get the parameters from the link?

Let me show tell you what i did and then if you need any further assistance i can make a clone app.

So i created a record with the thing i wanted to be seen for me it was “Tables Record” and then i configured the deep linking, after that i added a text input with a list that shows what contains that input field, and for example i generated a QR CODE for that link :uorderlb://request?jjs2 so that translate to : when the user click, uorderlb app will be opened on the page “request” and “jjs2” is the “name” from the “Table Record” and there is a change input field to that “extra which in that case is jjs2”. any way i am going to create a cloneable app to show you how exactly.

check this out: Testing DeepLinking

Hi! Thank you very much! Now, I have another problem

check this out

Is here someone who can help me?

Run this command: chmod u+x ScriptPath for both ios and android one time for every path

How can I do that?