HTML/JavaScript scripts problem


I am trying to add a widget to my app that requires two lines of HTML with two different tags: script and form. Check image below:

I tried to use the NocoderHQ HTML Renderer component, but the result is blank.

Am I doing something wrong? Or I can’t use these lines in Adalo? Should I host these scripts somewhere? If yes what do you suggest?


Hi @m-mrh,

I would probably ask @knight if this is possible for this component, he’s the developer.

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Hi James,

Thank you. I contacted @knight and I am waiting for his reply.

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Hi, nope scripting is not allow for the HTML component.
If you want to embed form I highlight recommend using and I have built a component for it


Hi @knight

Thank you, I will give it a try. What integration or template do you recommend I use in my case? Because the form end result should look like the image below:


for payment I don’t recommend do it with a form like this, best to integrate with Paypal or stripe

Unfortunately stripe is not available in my country and paypal is no common method of payment here. This company offers payment in local currency with better fees.

@knight I contacted nativeforms team they said it doesn’t work. It looks like this is not possible inside Adalo. Thank you for the help, I will try another payment option!


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