I can go back to the login screen without logout (just with device back button)


We have a problem, when we come from a screen for example the login screen and we land on the home screen currently we can go back to the login screen with a swipe or a click on the “back” button of the smartphone and that’s a problem, we must normally log out to return to the login screen and not with a simple back. I tried to changing screen transition from push to “none” or “modal”… but didn’t work.

Thanks in advance for help.

Hi @Karim,

Yes, with Back button this is possible…
As a workaround - you can create an "on-screen-enter’ action, for the Login Screen (and probably for the signup screen as well). The action should be a conditional one: if Logged-in User Email is not empty, then link the user to Home screen.

See example screenshot here:

Best regards, Victor.


Thank you Victo, problem solved :slight_smile:

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