I Can't access my components - 'error occurred'

Is adalo down? - I can’t access any of my components. I can only see Error occurred. Can anyone help?

What have you tried so far?

Hey Charles, seems to be working again. I waited, deleted the list and started again.

Problem seemed to step from using the Two-State Chip List for Adalo | NoCode Monkey - very buggy

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This problem occurs when a custom list (or a component that is based off a custom list) is facing an issue connecting with the data linked to the screen.

Say for example your custom list (or component) is reading a collections DB and then you filter it by saying “Current Collection A → all Collection B”

If, for some reason, your screen can no longer see Current Collection A, then all custom lists on this screen will have this problem.

I have tested this a multiple times. Many people won’t notice it but you might be copying/pasting screen or component for any purpose and then you end up in this situation where you see these Errors and not know the root cause.

There is no problem really with components (like two-state chip list). It is just the fact that many of those components are custom lists. And it is the custom lists that have this flaw to begin this

Hey Mohammed,

I actually don’t have this issue when I use any component built off a custom list - I have a much better experience when I use the drop down component for example.

For me it seems it’s more to do with the two-state chip behaving as a list of toggles and I wonder if there’s a lighter weight way to do it

Oh, yes maybe. It could be component related, but I have seen it happen few times with other complicated-custom lists.

I have to agree that the two-state chip list is heavy and slows the screen…

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