NoCode Monkey - are they are still around?

Do you guys know if NoCodeMonkey is still around or if they left Adalo? There is a bug in one of their components I purchased some time ago (two-state chip list) and need to make it works ASAP or annoyingly find a new solution. We have been trying to contact them for days and no response (neither here on the forum nor directly on their website). Has anyone got any insights?


It is @Michael on the forum, you can try contacting them here.

we have been trying for days, that is why I am asking if anybody heard if they left Adalo

Strange. I’ve sent a message to Michael in Slack Experts channel.

Thank you, Victor, this is very kind

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I have experienced the same issues. I had to message support and have them contact him to get a response.

The same with me. I have purchased some from them, but got response only for the bug in the “cloning button” which had never been fixed than. I think Adalo is critically lucking the elements’ developers.

I’m experiencing the same. There’s a bug in the reorder list component that’s causing the android app to crash. Have been reaching out through their site, through Adalo support, and through forum DM for a week and haven’t received any responses.

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I’m shocked I am not the only one experiencing this. I find it crazy I had to beg Adalo to have him message me. This company really needs to get organized. I think all these inquiries sent to experts should be going through a system so adalo can see all the request and see what experts are responding and which ones are not. The experts has too much freedom in my opinion. I am annoyed these experts create components and don’t even follow the standards guidelines so that these components are as customizable as possible. For example the (two sate button) I should be able to adjust the icon size so it matches my app, but I can’t. Yet the standards say that they are to create components that allow us users to adjust the styles. Anther sample is the multi-select dropdown, why in the world can I not edit the padding or size! Like come on! I hope people keep speaking up. If you’re tired of this please check out this link ( and give it a comment and a like to get adalo’s attention.

I have been trying for months. My app as been held up and I’m now spending additional money on Xano and I can’t release until the component is fixed.


Gotta Love that! Adalo seriously needs to do something about this. This is really annoying that all of us are experiencing this. I thought I was the only one. . .

I’ve had success reaching out to them on Twitter. Many OG Adalo peeps are learning and deploying on other platforms as well, so perhaps their focusing other places at the moment.

I understand your frustrations.
Adalo itself does not adhere to its own guidelines, just think of the buttons, inputs, text blocks and date selector, they are not freely configurable as you would expect and in any case for those features that you consider basic.
However, I have tried testing several other solutions, and for now Adalo remains the simplest and most easily customizable, albeit with complex stratagems…hopefully soon in a version 3 more in line with the times.

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