I can't create a release of my app to playstore after migration to adalo 2.0ration alo 2.0

Hi all
I encounter a lot of problem for the publication of my application made first with adalo legacy.

I made several attempts to publish hoping to see my application in production but each my application is rejected with the last reason: my application is not responsible.

I had the idea to migrate my application to adalo 2.0.
On Adalo legacy my application version is 17 . After the migration to adalo 2.0, I assigned the version of 17.0.1, with this version (of Adalo 2.0) impossible to create a release on playstore.
Here again I have a problem and I receive the following error message: “You cannot deploy this release because it does not allow any current users to update to the added app bundles”.
I do not know what to do ? Can you help me please

Hi @nouahenri,

I might be wrong here but I remember that support could do something with release version: Submit a Support Ticket


Hi @Victor
I have already submitted a support ticket.
Thanks you

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