Google Play Console Upgrade Error


I have published an app on Android but wanted to change design.

So I copied the same app and it is sharing the same data.
After changing is done, I create the build for Android app, and tried to publish it on Google Console.
However, the error message says

“You can’t rollout this release because it doesn’t allow any existing users to upgrade to the newly added app bundles.”

Could you help me how I can fix this issue please?

Thank you

Hey, you need to send a support ticket for this. Once you release your app and its live it’s then a signed .aab or .apk with a backend version code.

Submit a support ticket with the current Adalo App (on the Google play console) and send them the new copied version (Adalo App). They can then map the version codes etc on the back end so that Google Play recognises it as the same app as before.

Unfortunately you cannot do this yourself.

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Thank you for the prompt reply.

I issued a ticket and Adalo staff got back to me on that matter.
They asked me to provide some info.

  1. Keystore Alias
  2. Keystore Password
  3. Keystore File
  4. Version Code

Version code means, the number of version I guess?
I have no clue what those 1,2,3, mean…
They said I can find it on Google console but i looked up those keywords but nothing shows up…


Could you let me know what those are? and at least where I can find those things…?
Thank you

Hey, if the original App was made on Adalo they will have this info logged and accessible from the Original Adalo App that was published…? Simply note this to them and send them the original Adalo App URL.

Only if the app is coming from another platform (or native android studio) should you need to provide the Keystore Info (If the app was built on Adalo you do not have access to this info from the builder). The Version Code again if you have published the original app from Adalo to Google Play they will have this info from the original app, and Adalo should be able to set the version code and increment it accordingly.

I know because I have been through this process several times porting apps from native code/expo to Adalo.

@Jessi.Frye might be able to assist here?

Thank you !!!
I misunderstood the Adalo staff’s question.
I emailed the staff again.

I will update you in case if need more assistance.
Thank you so much !!

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