Error on Publishing App update on Google play

I am trying to publish an update for my app on google play but getting an error:

“You need to use a different version code for your APK or Android App Bundle because you already have one with version code 101”.

how can I fix it?

You might be uploading the same APK file If not, run another android build on adalo and it automatically gives the new file a new name.

If not, then you just need to choose a new name when naming your new release on the play console.

Renaming the release doesn’t work in this case at it’s taking the APK file version that is listed in the file, not just the release or file name.

@a.althunayan I ran into this issue yesterday as well because I had already used the APK in a previous release. So you can start a new build in Adalo, or be sure that you are selecting the latest build and that has not already been used in a release on Google Play.

I have to say, it took some help docs and stack overflow threads to fully understand how the release tracks worked on the Play Store Console. It is mostly intuitive but has some small quirks that are confusing.

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